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“I hired Richard as our Employee Benefits Consultant when I was employed at Taylor Publishing Comany several years ago. Since then I have hired him at 2 subsequent employers. Richard has extensive knowledge and connections within the industry that would be very beneficial for any employer who hires him. He helps the employer find creative, cost saving benefit alternatives while ensuring that quality of service is maintained for the employee. I highly recommend Richard and would hire him again given the opportunity.”

- Leslie Horwicz, MBA, SPHR

“For over 14 years, Horizon Benefits has helped us manage our programs. I have found them to be extremely well informed, dedicated, and very straight forward. A no nonsense approach to an increasingly complex issue that adds substantial value.”

- James. C. Holcomb, Jr. Chairman, US Holdings Corp.

“I have worked with Richard for almost nine years in his role as our companies’ insurance broker. I highly recommend Richard and his services to anyone who needs the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned insurance professional. One of Richard’s finest assets is his immediate response to any questions and/or problems that arise, including follow-up and resolution. Richard maintains a standard of professionalism with a personal touch.”

- Nedaleen “Kay” Cruse, PHR

“Richard is a great insurance agent. Not only was he always able to answer our needs, think outside the box, and help with solutions during trying times, his solutions helped minimize the negative impact on employees when our company ultimely went out of business. If not for Richard converting us to a fully insured medical plan, employees would have been left holding the bag for unpaid medical claims. He was also fun to work with.”

- Neta Robinson, CEBS